Project Type: New product Development

    We were tasked to develop a water-proof phone case tailored for the iPhone to transform it into an action sports camera for high-intensity use such as scuba diving and mountain biking. Priced at only a fraction of their closest competitor, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on an action sports camera when you have a fully capable high-quality camera right in your pockets. The case is built to withstand the rigors of action sports while remaining light and portable so it can be easily carried during travelling.


    Made to house a high-value smartphone, the biggest challenge is to ensure that the integrity of the case is not compromised when subjected to harsh operating conditions. We had to strike a balance between affordability, quality and performance through extensive design validation, materials selection and feasibility study. We determined and constantly refined the performance of the product by subjecting it to extensive testing across a wide range of conditions and water pressures. A major selling point of the case is its water-resistance of up to 40 meters, so there was zero room for error during the manufacturing and sampling process, with our engineer making sure to oversee every testing session to ensure optimal testing conditions and collect valuable data to further refine the product until they meet exact specifications.

    Project Tasks

    Concept Design
    Industrial Design
    Mechanical Design
    Electronic Design
    Prototyping and testing
    Tooling and molding
    Overseas manufacturing setup
    Quality control

    Technical Specifications

    Water resistant up to 40 meters
    Splash resistant
    175 degrees wide angle photography
    Silicone lining
    Shock resistant
    Premium ABS plastic

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