Project Type: Offshore Manufacturing Setup (OMS)

    Can’t get enough of tennis? Then come up with a series of tennis-themed products to share with the world! We were tasked to facilitate offshore manufacturing for a line of products that aim to take the love of the sport to new heights. Made with real tennis ball felt, these products offer a distinctive look and feel like no other products in the market. Being water and dust proof, these products are also well suited for use in a wide range of different environments


    A challenge the team faced was to find suitable suppliers who were able to provide the non-toxic water proof coating specified by our client. The weaving of a tennis ball fabric onto a sandal turned out to be more challenging than expected. We had to work closely with both the fabric and sandal suppliers to ensure project success.


    Tapping into our expertise in sourcing and purchasing and strong relationships with vendors, we were able to effectively locate a manufacturing partner most suited to the needs of the project to produce the special non-toxic water proof coating for the products.
    The result are tennis-themed products like no other. Now available for sale on their website, the products are gaining popularity and bring more variety to the slide footwear market.

    Project Tasks

    Design review and validation
    Prototyping and testing
    Quality control and factory visits
    Tooling and molding
    Overseas manufacturing set up
    Components sourcing
    Shipping and import to USA

    Technical Specifications

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