Project type: Offshore Manufacturing Setup and New Product Design

    Fashion knows no boundaries, even when it comes to brushing! Who wants to look dull and unfashionable when brushing their teeth, right? With a vision to reinvent toothbrush design and to move away from the same old boring designs in the market, we were tasked to co-develop a line of ultra-slim, contemporary and personalized toothbrushes. With a wide range of designs and loaded with features, this ultra-slim toothbrush caters to any personality.


    Being an ultra-slim toothbrush intended for travelers, a major engineering hurdle was to accommodate all the features and functionalities of a normal-sized toothbrush into the device. Both weight and size was critical to the design, and the tooling process proved to be exceptionally complicated. Another major challenge was also to incorporate an extended lithium polymer battery into the housing volume, so travelers need not fret even when they forget to bring the charger. Our team had to develop a fully functional marketing prototype within a highly limited time frame. Finally, the device had to be both water and drop resistant, subjected to a series of rigorous tests.


    Our engineering team had to improvise at every stage, using innovative materials to compensate for the device’s weight and size specifications, The gearing mechanism of the toothbrush also had to be redesigned in order to compensate for the device’s size.
    The design of the electronics from scratch also allowed us to configure the user settings (vibration, speed and strength) with greater effectiveness. The product currently has a fully functional website and currently about to go live on Kickstarter, and have caught the attention from a major retailer.

    Project Tasks

    Design validation and review
    Electronic engineering
    Product engineering
    Mechanical engineering
    Tooling and molding
    Components Sourcing
    Quality Control

    Technical Specifications

    2-minute timer
    Long lasting lithium polymer battery (up to 70% longer than comparable brushes)
    Up to 2 weeks of usage on single charge
    60% more compact and lightweight than comparable brushes
    Oscillate-and-rotate technology with 9000 RPM
    Universal voltage support (110v/220v)
    Ultra-slim and sleek design
    5 different cleaning modes
    Elegant travel USB charger and case
    Flight mode for safe travelling

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