Project Type: New Product Development (In House)

    Meet the Bluetooth-connected electronic rechargeable toothbrush that effectively tackles the problem that many kids and teenagers face – forgetting to brush their teeth. The importance of good dental care cannot be emphasized enough, especially in a hyper-consumerist society where snacks are in overabundance, cheap and easily accessible. Proper dental care is an important habit best culminated from youth in order to maintain that beautiful smile throughout adulthood. Through an engaging and user-friendly smartphone game application, the brush reminds, records and rewards its users. Who says dental care can’t be fun?


    Component sourcing difficulties led to a total redesigning of the product. It was also challenging to integrate so many different technologies into a single product with a slim housing design. Naturally, weight and size were two factors critical to the design of the product as it is designed mainly to be suitable for a wide range of users that includes children and adults alike. We did not want to design a clunky toothbrush that makes children feel like they are at the gym lifting weights every time they have to brush their teeth. Finally, the device had to be both water and drop resistant, subjected to a series of rigorous tests.


    Through a series of trials and errors, our team was able to identify the most appropriate material that would meet the brush’s weight and size specifications. Through constant innovation at every stage of the development process, our engineers came up with non-conventional ways to overcome a series of setbacks. By designing the electronics from scratch, we were able to configure the user settings as we see fit, providing users with the optimal brushing experience. The design of the brush itself is also engineered to complement the way different users would hold their brushes. Our team was relentless in achieving the water and drop resistance requirements of the product and subjected the brush to a series of rigorous tests. The brush will soon be live on Kick starter, stay tuned for more!

    Project Tasks

    Concept Design
    Industrial Design
    Mechanical Design
    Electronic Design
    BT 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) implementation
    Firmware development
    Connectivity API to the smartphone
    Prototyping and testing
    Tooling and molding
    Overseas manufacturing setup

    Technical Specifications

    Waterproof IPX7
    Advanced induction charging technology
    Up to 6 weeks of brushing time
    Three different usage modes (normal/soft/massage)
    Worldwide voltage compatibility (110v/220v)

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