Project Type: Offshore Manufacturing Setup (OMS)

    When it comes to running, it is all about technique. Keeping toes pointed upward when the foot is lifted off the ground, also knows as dorsiflexion – maximizes force potential, which in turn increases speed. Many athletes struggle with this and point their toes down instead, which, aside from decreasing speed, also can cause shin pain. With that in mind, this specialized shoe cover was created by attaching a strategically placed resistance band to encourage dorsiflexion which improves technique and strength development, speed, pain prevision, and recovery after an injury.


    Sourcing the materials proved challenging since specific, durable materials were required for the product. For a tool used in training and physiotherapy, the material on the shoe cover had to be strong enough to withstand the continual pull of the resistance band but inexpensive enough to be viable. The thickness and quality of the underlying mesh had to be improved. Due to the thickness of the material, heavy duty nylon stitching was also required, increasing the importance of communication with the manufacturers.


    The key to overcoming these challenges lay in research and communication. Through meticulous vender vetting and qualification, we were able to source high quality materials which met the client’s requirements. We also had to ensure that the manufacturers understood the need for heavy duty stitching and were equipped with the respective sewing machines and techniques. The end result: high quality resistance training equipment, proven to strengthen muscles while enhancing speed and reducing the chance for injury.

    Project Tasks

    Vendor sourcing and qualification
    Components sourcing

    Technical Specifications

    Water and splash resistant
    175 degrees wide angle photography
    Silicone lining
    Shock resistant
    Premium ABS plastic

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