Project Type: Offshore Manufacturing Setup (OMS)

    With the pro version, expect all the features and functionalities of the score watch and more. With an added stopwatch feature, low battery indicator, lesser power consumption, the pro version is a sports watch to meet all your active needs. Never worry about losing track of the score again, this handy sports watch keeps track and set scores in real-time with an LED screen so you can focus on the game. Water resistant up to 3 ATMs and highly robust, playing in the rain is not a problem.

    Project Tasks

    Concept Design
    Industrial Design
    Mechanical Design
    Electronic Design
    Prototyping and testing
    Tooling and moulding
    Overseas manufacturing setup

    Technical Specifications

    Water resistant up to 3 ATM
    Backlit LED screen
    ‘Hibernate’ function to conserve battery life
    Dimensions: 265 x 25mm
    Replaceable 1.5volt button cell battery
    Choose between 12 or 24 hour time view option
    Low battery indicator
    Two different sizes, small (216mm long X 16mm wide) and large (241mm long X 20mm wide)
    Five modes(Allscore/stopwatch/tennis/golf/time)

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