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    We were brought in to facilitate offshore manufacturing setup and develop a product idea for a one-of-a-kind coffee mug infused with organic bees wax that brings coffee to the optimal temperature twice as fast while maintaining the temperature twice as long. Ordinary coffee mugs do well to retain the temperature of freshly brewed coffee, but most of the time the coffee remains too hot to be enjoyed straight away. When the coffee does cool down, it does so too rapidly, leaving coffee lovers with cold and bitter coffee in no time. This unique coffee mug combines advanced thermodynamics and engineering to provide customers with the optimal coffee drinking experience. When hot coffee is poured into the mug, the organic wax absorbs the heat, bringing the coffee to the perfect temperature. As the coffee begins to cool, the stored heat in the organic wax is transferred back to the coffee, extending the time within the perfect drinking range


    The biggest challenge was to design a production process by which molten bees wax could be effectively injected into a vacuum chamber and then sealed. The bees wax’s molten state was also something that was difficult to work with. The quantity of wax to be infused into the coffee mug had to be extensively adjusted in order to attain optimal heat retention and dissipation. Our team really put on our scientific thinking caps for this one and dig deep into the world of airspace manufacturing.


    The amount of bees wax to be injected into the vacuum chamber had to be fine tuned in order for the coffee mug to function optimally, with the reason being that the wax melts during the vacuuming process that heats up the mug. The result is a one-of-a-kind product that is an elegant culmination of science and nature, that we believe will be on shelves around the world before long!

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    Offshore Manufacturing Setup

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