Project type: Offshore Manufacturing Setup and New Product Development

    The vision to rethink the way cat litter boxes are cleaned led to the initiation of this project; biodegradable and hassle-free cat litter cleaning bags. The bags prove to be an Eco-friendly alternative to conventional cat litter cleaning, transforming easily into a convenient and scoop-ready collection container in a matter of seconds that removes all the obstacles and annoyances of regular cat litter cleaning. Each bag comes with a creative design and remains odor-less for up to 2 months.


    With a highly limited time frame, a major challenge was to coordinate with all of the relevant parties involved to ensure that the products are ready in a timely fashion. The uniqueness of the product also meant that our team had to think out of the box and constantly refine the packaging to accommodate the product optimize usage. The biodegradable material required for the product also proved to be challenging to source, and we had to take extra care to ensure that the material met industrial safety standards


    Thorough market research was conducted in order to determine the optimal packaging that will have the best effect on the target audience. Extensive communication with the suppliers was exercised in order to ensure that they deliver the product exactly to specifications. After a connection is established, we also made sure to build and maintain that relationship so that we are in a good position to negotiate for our clients. Feline lovers everywhere can now choose to be eco-responsible owners and enjoy hassle-free cat litter cleaning at the same time! The product is now readily available for sale through their website.

    Project Tasks

    Product Design Ideation
    Vendor sourcing and qualification
    Components sourcing
    Packaging and assembly
    Shipping & Import
    Offshore manufacturing setup
    Quality control and testing
    Factory visits

    Technical Specifications

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