Project Type: Offshore Manufacturing Setup and New Product Development

    Say goodbye to constant skin irritations, pain, and overall discomfort that came with traditional chin and shoulder rests for the violin. Imagine a chin rest that takes away all the discomfort and awkwardness of playing the violin, where children can practice and grow up learning the violin and viola without suffering through the traditional pain that comes from playing. We were tasked to facilitate offshore manufacturing and develop a violin chin rest designed by professional musicians who attended top music schools around the world, regularly taking the stage in New York City. The chin rest is made primarily of a semi-firm memory foam with a silicone glue mat on the underside to affix it to the violin.


    A carefully crafted and innovative design resulted in the beautiful, sleek, and above all, comfortable chin & shoulder rest.

    Project Tasks

    Concept development
    Product design
    Production CADs
    Components Sourcing
    Packaging Design

    Technical Specifications

    Available in 3 different colors (Black/brown/orange)

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