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    Meet the clever alternative to the classic water bottle that promises never to be out of style, and does not compromise the stylish integrity that comes with glass. The outer smooth silicon sleeve offers increased insulation and protection from drop impact and as well as scratches for the clumsier users. Additionally, the light silicone carrying sleeve also makes sure that the beverage within does not contain any trace toxins that can be found in most plastics, making it a must-have product for the health conscious. The bottle cap also consists of a silicon seal to prevent any water contamination.


    Robustness is critical to the product. Because the product is designed for everyday use, our team faced the challenge of producing a glass bottle that would potentially be subjected to constant force of impacts. A product like this also demands rigorous attention to aesthetics and craftsmanship to ensure a high-quality looking end product.


    Our team took great strides to make sure that the product is able to withstand drops and force from impacts through countless drop tests. We used food grade glass and medical grade silicon to ensure robustness and health safety. To make sure that the product looks as good as it functions, our team paid extra detail to the production process, i.e. to avoid unnecessary parting lines and removing excess flash from the silicone sleeve

    Project Tasks

    Vendor sourcing and qualification
    Components sourcing
    Silicone mold making
    Glass blow mold making
    Plastic injection mold making
    Offshore Manufacturing Setup

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