Project Type: Offshore Manufacturing Setup

    We were tasked to facilitate offshore manufacturing for a one-stop grab to go storage organizer designed to hold all your valuables firmly in place in one location and to perfectly complement your daily routines. Easily install one in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in your rooms with just adhesive pads completely without tools. Holding up to 6kg of weight with the large version, this handy storage organizer can hold anything from keys to sunglasses to a hammer. Made with platinum-cured silicone sleeve as well as a premium ABS backboard, this product is made with the highest possible standards in order to function and look exactly as they are meant to.


    The quality of silicone used is crucial to the project as they are meant to be used repeatedly for long periods of time without losing its elasticity. The silicone needs to revert back to its original shape after every use, and also not lose its grip on the items stored within the product, causing the items to fall out halfway. On top of that, the ABS material used to make the backboard also needs to be rigid enough to support up to 6 kg in weight used in conjunction with adhesive bands and no power tools.


    Through extensive sample production oversight, our team was able to vet and select a top tier manufacturer best suited to produce the product. We also subjected the product to extensive testing and quality control in order to ensure that the product meets exact specifications and functions exactly the way they are supposed to. Through our expertise, we were able to quickly select the most suitable ABS material for the backboard.

    Project Tasks

    Vendor sourcing and qualification
    Components sourcing
    Offshore Manufacturing Setup
    Sampling/prototyping oversight

    Technical Specifications

    Platinum-cured silicone discs
    ABS plastic backboard
    Three different sizes (S/M/L)

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