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A golden sample, which is a sample that will look exactly like the final product will be sent to you for confirmation prior to main production.

As estimated manufacturing cost per unit will be provided after we are able to source the actual materials, study the assembly processes, vet and qualify suppliers to find the best match for you etc. If you refer to our services breakdown here, it comes at step 3 in the process.

While the length of each project differs from one another depending on the complexity of the product and the number of hours required, a typical project takes 14-18 weeks to proceed to main production upon initiation. A detailed timeline is available in your free project analysis, get started now!

We provide twelve months of unlimited support that spans throughout the entire duration of your project to tackle any complications that might arise.  Think of us as a natural extension of your business; your very own virtual project management team!  You are also able to extend if you wish to, for more details, send us an email at support@sourcingoverseas.com or check out our service page for more information.

Our service is categorized into two types; offshore manufacturing setup and new product development depending on what stage into the project our client is.  Essentially, we provide an end-to-end service that brings our clients’ products from conception to launch in a seamless manner.  For more information regarding our products/service, visit our portfolio page here

We are able to enforce rock-solid protection of your intellectual property, with a legal team in place ready to act on your behalf in case of a breach.  We also use localized contracts so that they can be enforced based on our client location. We make sure that NDAs are signed and accounted for prior to any exchange of critical and/or sensitive project information.

Typically, we do not provide refunds. We have measures in place to ensure that your offshore manufacturing setup always goes according to plan.  The  first step in the setup is to vet and qualify all potential vendors, picking the one best suited to your needs.  We also have preemptive measures in place at every stage to ensure a timely delivery and minimize room for error

We have a multi-lingual team that speaks fluent English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.

Our engineering and project management team is based in Taipei, Taiwan.  We do have a representative in Boston, USA as well as a representative office in Hong Kong S.A.R. Check our media page for more contact information

We are able to work, and have worked with all product types.  From wearable tech to apparels to figurines, we have worked with a wide array of products over the years.

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