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    Sourcing Overseas Consulting is a leading offshore manufacturing and product development consultancy. We provide on the ground support here in Asia, and are relentlessly committed to providing unparalleled production value, quality, and speedy time to market. Extensive real world experience have equipped us with a deep understanding of the manufacturing and development processes, and the ability to take all the steps necessary to ensure the success of your product. Our clients include both Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller businesses who require Asian manufacturing expertise to ensure the sustainable success of their projects.

    Think of us as an integral but discreet part of your team that exists behind the scenes to ensure your success. Leverage our knowledge, infrastructure and resources with your key insights and intimate knowledge of your target market, industry and product in order to build an incredible and sustainable business.

    Meet some of the team

    Industrial Designer

    With passion for the extraordinary, Paul is well on his way to doing great things in innovation and product creation. With a specialization in high tech product design he takes the creative direction from our team and clients pour out concepts and designs that will one day change the landscape of consumer goods.

    Debby Supply Chain Management Specialist In the office, we can often hear Debby over the phone with a supplier fussing over the tiniest detail to ensure that our clients' products are made exact to specifications.  With a fierce dedication to her work, you can say that Debby is to manufacturers like Superman is to kryptonite, and will not rest until our clients' products meet her stringent quality standards.  Having worked in China for 7 years, Debby knows the ins and outs of dealing with Chinese suppliers and strives constantly to become a better SCM specialist.  Work aside, Debby is a cheerful lady who is beloved by all those around her who loves to cook and one day travel the world.

    Senior Product Designer

    Graduating from the top school of design in Germany and with more than a dozen international design awards under his belt including Red Dot and Golden Pin awards, Hans brings 20 years of design experience to the project that we work on.

    Mechanical Engineer

    With more than 17 years of experience as a mechanical engineer, it is safe to say that no product is a challenge for Ken.  Having worked with a wide array of products including MP3 players, pacemakers, sports watches, microscopes and external hard-disks, Ken never fails to deliver and impress our clients with his work and rigorous attention to detail.  When not busy creating awesome products and being the easy-going guy that he is, our ME loves to body-build and spend time with his family.        

    Sales Engineer

    An electrical engineer by training and a sales engineer in practice, Zach has the know-how to quickly understand complex projects and translate technical jargon on the fly.  Zach is tasked with understanding client's needs to match them with the best service at Sourcing Overseas as well as new client discovery.  When he is not chatting with potential leads, Zach moonlights through designing consumer products with Harvard University and leads a jazz combo that gigs around Boston.

    Our Office Milestones

    • 3K

      cups of coffee and counting

      Yes, we know that’s a lot of caffeine. Ever tried triple-brewed coffee? We have. No humans were harmed in the endeavor. But please, do not try it at home. "

    • 0.0K

      selfies taken at work

      That's right, we are serious about we do. We cannot however say for certain (neither do we make any guarantees) that there weren’t one or two selfies taken after work over seafood and beer.

    • 40K

      emails sent out last year

      Successful collaboration requires excessive communication and our over-stuffed, but immaculately organized, email boxes are testament to this.

    • 1K

      hours spent on brainstorming creative processes

      That's a lot of brainstorming we know, but you know what they say, two heads are better than one; and three, and four and so forth. If no one else has done it before it makes it all the more interesting a project for us. We believe in the importance of cross-pollinating ideas, people, and technology from diverse backgrounds and disciplines in order to come up with the most creative solutions that set a product and brand apart.

    • 2.5K

      hours of music played and counting

      No one likes a quiet and dull environment, so we like to pump up the music while we work. Jazz, Hip-Hop, rock ‘n’ roll, EDM; every genre has it’s followers on our team. There have been sightings of a wicked jitterbug being performed on the office trampoline. No names will be mentioned..

    • 32K

      meters climbed last year

      Covering some of Asia's highest peaks. We believe in maintaining great health and pushing ourselves to the limit both physically and mentally. No challenge is too large or daunting for us.

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