In today’s post I’m going to give you the view from 30,000ft, looking down on the new product development process.

    These are the production steps invloved in taking an idea from concept, to a finished product that is ready to hit stores.
    Not every new product development project will necessarily require each and every one of these steps, but it for the most part, these are the steps between idea to reality.

    #1. Product Design
    Also called Industrial Design. This is where a product designer takes your ideas and napkin scetches and turns them into proffessional 2D & 3D drawings

    #2. Drafting & Engineering
    This is where a product eningeer will take the designs which were made by your industrial designer, and add measurements and moving parts or electronics as needed. The deliverables from this stage are a complete set of production-ready drawing and schematics.

    #3. Prototype building
    This is the phase in your new product development process where you will have a physical prototype made so you can test and prove your concept

    #4. Design tweaking
    Chances are you will need to make some tweaks to your design based on the performance of your prototype. That’s just the way it is. Something that looks great on paper doesn’t always work as expected in real life.

    #5. Molds & Tooling
    If your product shape or ‘housing’ is unique you will need to open a mold or create tooling for it. The costs of tooling &/or molds are significant and are usually one of the largest upfront costs you’ll encounter in the product development process.

    #6. Packaging
    While your molds are being made is a great time to start work on your product packaging. This includes the artwork and any needed text, as well as deciding what type of product packaging to use.

    #7. Sample run
    This is to make sure that your molds and tooling are all set and ready to go. Before you start production though you will want to do a sample run just to be sure that everything is in order.

    #8. Manufacturing
    Once you’ve approved the sample run you are ready for manufactring!

    #9. Packing & Shipping
    Finished product comes off the assembly line and is packaged up ready for shipping to it’s final destination.

    #10. Sales
    Hopefully you will have started on your sales an marketing way back around step #1 (preferably before!) so by this time you will have some solid buyers waiting to take delivery of your product.

    And there you have it, a rough overview of the new product development process and the steps involved!

    If you have an idea for a unique new product and want to know if it will sell then I recommend you download our free new product development checklist that will help you determine if you’re product idea is a winner!
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